Leave Trans Kids Alone

Today I went to the "Rally for Hoosier Youth," at the Indiana Statehouse. Our representatives have proposed House Bill 1041, which bans trans girls from ... Read more »

Go Crazy

I've been depressed for a long time. For reasons I won't get into on this site. There's nothing I can do to change it. There's no where I can run from it. I can do my damndest to hide it ... Read more »


Relationships: Hopeless Romanticism

Even though you may not reciprocate romantic feelings toward me, I will still treat you kindly and with respect. Sure, some of that respect may be based in an extra fondness I carry toward you. That fondness, that crush, those feelings don't ... Read more »


Recipes: Rat Tail Dip

So you've heard of Rat Tails (Bacon Wrapped, Stuffed Peppers)? But they're tedious and time consuming to make, and are quickly consumed at large parties. How do ... Read more »

Recipes: The Raditude Special (soft drink)

The Raditude Special A lot of people create random fountain (or sometimes bottled) soda concoctions often known as a suicide. I have my own version that I ... Read more »

Relationships: Breakups Aren’t Easy

It's been about six months since we had broken up. We ended on good terms, remaining friends, still talk regularly, and we still care about each other. We both just know that we're not meant to be in a relationship together. About a ... Read more »


Relationships: Lift Each Other Up

Yesterday, I was on Facebook and notice two separate friends who seemed to be depressed. For some reason, I felt compelled to make an uplifting post on my wall, that would be viewable by all my friends. It didn't gain too much ... Read more »


It’ll get better…

I'm 29 years old. In these 29 years, I've experienced more than my share of misfortunes. I was born with anatomy in which I don't identify. I was raised as the wrong gender, and forced to go through the wrong puberty. I was ... Read more »


Relationships: Cherish every moment.

I had a dream last night. In that dream, I was a child and somehow I had just learned that loved ones will one day pass away. In the dream I followed my mom, grandma and grandpa around because I wanted ... Read more »


Relationships: Love her when you disagree.

Awhile back, my partner Kat and I had an argument and disagreement. What we argued about wasn't all that big or important, but it escalated and became a bigger issue than it needed to be. I made the mistake of letting ... Read more »